Therapro Dermagen BUpH Protectant Gel - 8 oz - Reverse Generation

Therapro Dermagen BUpH Protectant Gel - 8 oz

Therapro Mediceuticals
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Therapro Dermagen BUpH Protectant Gel s a unique gel formula developed to prevent skin (scalp) burns and irritations often associated with alkaline chemicals. The cool water soluble gel adjusts harmful alkaline pH solutions to an acid pH of 5.0. Directions: Perming: Apply 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide band of BUpH Gel Below the hair line giving special attention to sensitive areas around the ears and back of the neck. May be used under cotton. Hair Coloring: Apply to skin or scalp to prevent staining. Hair Relaxers: Apply directly to the scalp and skin to prevent burning and irritation. Partial Perming: Apply to hair that is not to be permed.